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Our Mission

The overarching goal of the Health Outcomes Collaboration (HOC) is to improve the health outcomes of patients and the experience of care they receive from their health care treatments. To assess this it may involve health practitioners and health services using health outcome-related clinical indicators and performance measures but it may also include the use of clinical rating scales and patient reported outcomes and experience measures (PROMs and PREMs). The Health Outcomes Collaboration provides consultancy advice to health practitioners, health services and systems concerning the selection and use of these health outcome measures.  We also provide training workshops concerning the health outcomes approach.

Health Outcomes Assessment and Evaluation

If we do not systematically measure and research the health outcomes of our patients and clients we cannot  tell whether our treatments and healthcare have had a positive effect. Although a treatment such as surgery may have improved a person's survival there may be other effects on their health-related quality of life or health status which might be important to assess to facilitate their recovery. We need to assess this from the patient's perspective (patient reported outcomes) as well as the system, service or clinical perspectives. Monitoring and measuring patient health outcomes can identify many ways to improve the quality of health care.

Patient Experience and Health Outcomes

There are a myriad of measures to assess patient reported health outcomes and experience. What criteria do we use to assess whether this is the best measure  to assess the outcomes for our particular application? The Health Outcomes Collaboration can provide advice and assist you with these tasks.


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Our Services

The Health Outcomes Collaboration undertakes health outcomes research and training consultancies for health and  research organisations. We also can answer brief inquiries from health personnel and researchers concerning the selection of measures and indicators for health outcomes evaluation.

Research Activities

These include undertaking research consultancies for health & community organisations (e.g. designing outcome measurement suites or reviewing and selecting measures). We also collaborate with other local and international health and academic organisations (e.g. ICON, ICHOM, Mapi, TCH) in undertaking health outcome  related research activities.

Training Activities

Many health systems and health services have adopted a value-based health care approach. This means the patient's perspective on their health outcomes  needs to be incorporated in the evaluation of programs and projects. We  advertise training workshops about the measurement and management of health outcomes with our collaborating partners and personnel.

Customised Training Activities

Training needs can differ across service types, projects and programs. We are happy to customise our training programs to suit your specific needs and timelines.

The Director

Associate Professor Jan Sansoni is the Director of the Health Outcomes Collaboration but also holds a part-time position at the Australian Health Services Research Institute. Jan has over 25 years of experience in undertaking health outcomes research and training and has produced many academic publications and reports for health departments in this field. 

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